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The Rockford Fosgate DSR1 is an interactive signal processor designed to allow you install an aftermarket amplifier and still keep the factory radio along with all its controls and features. Co-developed with ADS (Automotive Data Solutions), the DSR1 combines key features of Rockford's 3Sixty digital processor with a flashable iDatalink Maestro module, and is capable of being used out of the box with either high or low level outputs from a factory or aftermarket radio. It has 4 input channels, a coax digital input (S/PDIF), and a stereo RCA AUX input, all of which can be assigned to the 8 output channels. The DSR1 module can also be flashed with vehicle specific firmware for select Ford and Chrysler vehicles and, along with an optional T-harness (sold separately), allows an aftermarket amp to be installed while bypassing the factory amplifier. After initial flashing, Rockford's PerfectTune app, available for Android and iOS devices at the Apple App and Google Play Stores, will allow setup and configuration of the DSR1 to be done from a Bluetooth enabled smartphone or tablet.



  • The DSR1 module must be updated to the latest firmware, regardless of the installation type. Flashing/updating can be done on a Windows or Macintosh computer using the iDatalink Maestro WebLink Updater, found here.
  • An aftermarket amplifier with sufficient channels to power all speakers will be required. No factory amplified outputs (OEM radio or amp) can be used to power speakers after installing the DSR1.


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