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welcome to!!

Welcome to!! 

We are the creators of the patent pending "Spyder Pods" for the Can-Am Spyder F3 models. These pods fit any Neo Magnet 6.5" speaker you can possibly think of and pack a punch when it comes to sound quality... we sell the speakers and amp we recommend on our site as well. You can have these pods shipped to you anywhere in the world, or if you're close to San Antonio Texas, you can have your Spyder Pods installed by the man who created them! these Pods come in three different packages, check out the shop tab to see what we've got for your ride!

We are a custom audio and aftermarket hot spot for the Can-Am Spyder community nationwide! We carry anything and everything from lights, bumpers and backrests, all the way to custom audio packages, speakers and amps for our customers who prefer to install their own equipment!


we love feedback from our community, feel free to email us, or add your phone number to our Textedly blast (bottom of the page). We want to offer the best experience for you guys when it comes to buying parts and having what you need for your ride. please reachout if you have any questions... enjoy our site!! 

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